Aircraft Interior Analysis

Crew Closet

  • A front facing closet with two doors is shown that was analyzed for 9G Forward load case.
  • This closet has multiple shelves that have provision for storage of loose items & loose emergency equipment kit.
  • During 9G forward load case all shelf content apply load on the door making the door deflection most critical in this monument.
  • In this case study the doors have three way locking mechanism and the center of the monument shows maximum deflection of five inches.

Snack bar with crew seat

  • This monument represents a side facing snack bar with a crew seat on one side.
  • The crew seat is mounted on the composite panel with attachment locations, each location has four fasteners bolted to embedded metal block inside of the composite panel
  • The snack bars have three compartments each for storing containers and carts
  • In this monument the most critical location is the seat attachment, during 9G forward loadcase the seat exerts its own load along with the passenger’s load on the panel.

Analysis Types

  • Initial Load Cases ( i.e 9G Fwd )
  • Interface Loads Analysis & Reports
  • Floor Fitting Stress Analysis
  • Upper Attachment Stress Analysis
  • Overall & Component level Deflection
  • Fastener Load Analysis
  • OEM Required Abuse/Assist Load
  • Composite Panel Stress Analysis
  • Certification by comparison
  • Component level stress analysis

Economy Closet

  • A side facing economy closet was analyzed for observing sidewise deflection and top attach bracket stress.
  • This closet is attached to the primary structure with four floor fittings and one top attach.
  • During 9G forward load case the closet has a deflection on the side panel and creates a load share situation with the next monument.

Baby bassinet holder

  • In this example a business class front row monument was analyzed for 6G Down load case.
  • This monument is a standard baby bassinet holder and includes a small closet with door and a monitor frame
  • This monument was modeled with industry standard composite panel layups along with Aluminum trim and floor fittings.

Front Row Monument

  • An aft facing business class front row entertainment unit was analyzed for 9G forward and 3G side load cases.
  • This monument has provisions for two heavy weight power supply boxes. On the side this monument is equipped with large oxygen cylinder and first aid kit.
  • The power supply boxes are mounted on the composite panel with a metal frame and during 9G forward load case the power supply box exerts compression on the composite which was observed in this analysis.
  • Also the door stresses were observed for side load cases which was caused by the bolted emergency equipment.


  • Crew closet
  • Snack bar
  • Economy closets
  • Business class suite
  • Galleys
  • Divider assembly
  • Front row monument
  • Upperhead cabinet
  • Baby Bassinet Holder

Component Analysis