CAE SoftSys Videos

Presented by CAE SoftSys, Inc. at Dassault’s Global Modelling & Simulation Conference

Often stated, “The Only Constant In the World Is Change”, and for today’s product development teams, from small-to-large and from local-to-global, this change has often meant “Process Acceleration and Then More Acceleration”. With the continuous advancements of compute power, integrated applications, digital-twins and client deliverability requirements, advanced simulation technology has now matured to become an achievable and required strategic process capability to be leveraged earlier and more-fully across both the product development and full-enterprise teams. However, the availability of the right analysis resources and processes continues to be a common limiting factor. With this presentation, we will share several techniques for training, mentoring and force-multiplying new and advanced simulation analysts and teams, democratizing advanced simulation methods, justifying the development of virtual test labs, exploring and optimizing designs, and efficiently sharing simulation results across the teams to enable better, faster, and less-costly data-driven decisions, new product releases, and real-world validations.

A real-world industrial equipment use-case highlighting a company’s client pre-engineered proposal response, requiring accelerated solution capability confirmations across their full team, via multi-device collaboration, to meet the client’s cost, timing, and performance requirements. Data driven decisions, in context, to win new business.