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Face new challenges

"Smart" factories will manage production proccesses in real time

To accommodate the ever increasing engagement of patients and practitioners in the healthcare ecosystem, the industry as a whole is looking to enable a shift to more predictive and adaptive manufacturing approaches. For the medical device segment this means ensuring more agile, more personalized devices, and for the pharma and biotech segments this means supporting large molecule bio therapeutics to deliver superior efficacy.

The full adoption of Internet of Things and services into our production environments, along with modular, mobile, flexible, disposable and single-use components will become the norm. “Smart” factories will manage production processes in real-time, from the moment an order is placed right through to outbound logistics, and will be the center of the revolution in Life Sciences manufacturing.

Flexible and adaptive manufacturing:

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Critical production operations performance monitoring
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Identify and correct causes of variability
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Continuous scale-up and tech transfer
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Flexible manufacturing and additive manufacturing

Adopt the strategy

Smart, Predictive and Adaptive Manufacturing

There is significant pressure to lower costs and serve more niche markets. Next generation manufacturing intends to be predictive and adaptive. The voice of the customer must be embedded into the product design and an adaptive, more flexible infrastructure put in place to provide the agility of serving more people around the world.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides a unique environment for synchronizing engineering disciplines, the capability to simulate virtual models, as well as validate performance and early system behavior. This “virtual commissioning” becomes a must “Experience” for manufacturing engineers. Patient-centric solutions can then be developed at unprecedented speed, efficiency, and cost.

Success story

Flexible and smarter collaboration

Trixell was faced with an industrial challenge of accelerated demand for their products. In a very short period of time they needed to increase production capacity, diversify the product range, reduce cycle times and improve productivity