Experience to its Limit
  • Electronics Products Manufacturers Automate shop floor data collection in real-time. Enable the analysis of defect data to identify root causes. Capable of assessing large numbers of variables in complex manufacturing processes for patterns that lead to defects. Once preventative actions have been identified, these can be formalized as standard best-practices used by shop floor workers.

  • Market leadership through streamlined innovation and manufacturing

We are in a new era of electronic products. It is driven by consumer demand for experiences. Electronic products manufacturers must now deliver experiences through physical contact, interactive content and (provide or through) a wide range of services. Environmental consciousness is also paramount, not only for consumers but for governments. Products must now be environmentally friendly, in use and thereafter. Manufacturers must design sustainability into their products and their manufacturing supply chain. All of this is happening in the era of the internet, which brings new challenges and opportunities to offer value from massive amounts of data being produced in every single moment. Manufacturers must listen and respond to customers and competitors carefully to survive and build market leadership.